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General Questions

Does ProTutor offer in-person services?

Yes, in addition to virtual tutoring, The ProTutor Company now offers in-person services.

Where does tutoring take place?

For in-person tutoring, we currently serve the northern Delaware and the greater Delaware Valley tristate area. We can come to your home, meet in the middle, or you can come to a location near us.

My child is under 18. Who needs to be at the tutoring session?

If it is your child who is being tutored, and your child is under 18 years old, a parent must be present if the tutoring takes place in the home. Otherwise, we can arrange tutoring appointments to be in public locations where a parent need not be present.

When can I get tutored?

Each tutor keeps his own calendar, with his or her own hours. Tutoring can take place during the day or in the evening, weekdays or weekend. It’s up to you and your tutor.

Who will be tutoring me?

Keith Roberts is presently taking tutoring appointments. You can read his bio here.

How do I prepare for my tutoring appointment?

It’s best to prepare in advance for your tutoring appointment. This means coming up with an agenda of how you want to spend your tutoring time. It is also smart to maintain a list of tutoring questions between appointments, to ask your tutor if your teacher or professor hasn’t been able to answer your questions to your complete satisfaction.

I want to get started with tutoring; what is my next step?

Check in with Keith. Send him a message on his bio page, and tell him the trouble that you or your student is having, and the type of tutoring you would like.

Academic Programs

The big tutoring centers offer custom programs for their students. Do you offer anything like this?

Yes, we can assess your student for his math skill gaps. We use a third party diagnostic to assess these gaps. Then we design a plan to bridge the skill gaps and estimate the amount of time it will take to implement.

My student didn’t do well in his math class this year, and I am thinking of getting him tutoring to bring him up to speed over the summer. Can you help with this?

Yes we can. We can assess your student’s understanding using a third party diagnostic, and prescribe a curriculum that will bridge your student’s skill gaps. We can also specifically prescribe any areas that you are aware of that gave your student trouble on his tests, quizzes or even homework during the school year. We will reteach those areas and bring your student up to speed.

Do you teach study skills?

Generally, we provide study tips as an ongoing part of any tutoring session, as it comes-up during tutoring. But we can provide a structured study skills curriculum to accompany your other tutoring time. When we work with students directly on their study skills, we work on their personal organization, time management, goal setting, test preparation, and help them to develop and implement a study plans for success.

Can you help me prepare for exams?

We can help with any assignment that you are allowed to have help with. This includes any homework assignment, project or even take home test. If you’re allowed to have help, we’re happy to provide it.

Pricing and Payments

How much does ProTutor tutoring cost?

The cost of tutoring varies depending upon the instructor, the location of tutoring, the length of session, and the number of sessions per week. Contact Keith to get a quote based on your individual situation.

Do you offer any kind of income based sliding fee scale?

We allocate a small number of hours each month to provide services to low income students in need on a sliding fee scale. Hours are limited and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. A completed application and proof of income is required.

How often am I billed for tutoring?

We require that payment is made at the time of scheduling an appointment unless other arrangements are made in advance. For instance, this means that if your regular tutoring schedule is on Tuesdays at 3:00 p.m., then payment is due for next Tuesday’s session, at the end of this Tuesday’s session. If you prefer to make your payment further in advance, such as weekly, biweekly, or monthly, then we set billing to occur less frequently. We also give a small discount for payments made that are further in advance.

What payment methods do you accept?

We use a third party payment system to perform all billing. Presently this is PayPal, which means that you can make payment for tutoring using any major credit card that is accepted by PayPal: Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, Or American Express. We also accept cash, money orders, and personal checks.

Do you offer any kind of financing?

Yes, for well qualified applicants, we can offer financing. Talk to Keith about finance structuring options and completing a credit application.

Scheduling an Appointment

How do I schedule an appointment?

It’s easy to schedule an appointment. If this is your first session with The ProTutor Company, then call toll-free at 888-395-0160, or send Keith a message. We generally do a short consultation first, but can begin your sessions immediately. For sessions thereafter, you will schedule with your individual tutor. This usually occurs as part of a discussion at the end of the tutoring session, if you have tutoring on an ongoing basis. Otherwise, you can send an email or call your tutor to set up a session.

How do I change my tutoring appointment?

You can make changes to your tutoring appointment up 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. Contact your tutor to make the change.

How far in advance do I need to make an appointment?

You can make appointments for any time your tutor has time available. Certain times throughout the year are more busy than others, however — especially around exam time, so be sure to plan to enough time in advance to get your session in!

Canceling an Appointment

How do I cancel an appointment?

You can call, text, or email to cancel your appointment. If the cancellation is close to the appointment time, calling or texting is the best way to make sure the tutor receives the heads-up right away.

I need to cancel my tutoring appointment; will I be charged?

For any appointment, whether online or in-person, there is no charge for cancelled appointments made with more than 24 hours notice. For cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice, you are charged for the appointment. There is a small and limited exception to this policy. Check-in with Keith to learn more about it.

What do I do if my tutor doesn’t show-up for our scheduled appointment?

Give your tutor at least 5 minutes, as she might be caught in traffic. If you do not hear from your tutor by then, call or text him or her. If you do not hear from your tutor within the next 10 minutes, contact Keith.

Online Tutoring

What kinds of virtual tutoring do you have?

We have two types of virtual tutoring services. Live real-time one-on-one online tutoring and “asynchronous” email tutoring. What in the world does “asynchronous” mean? It’s what distance education experts call education that is not in real-time. If you’ve taken an online course before, chances are it was asynchronous, meaning that you did not have to sign in at a particular time, and could work on assignments at a pace you were comfortable with (so long as you completed and submitted before a deadline). Email tutoring basically allows you to ask a math expert a question about a problem that is stumping you. You shoot off the email, and your math tutor responds via email — thus allowing you to review it when it is convenient for you. You can also send follow-up questions to further clarify, until you’re confident that you fully understand.

How does online tutoring work?

Live online tutoring, like traditional in-person tutoring aims to provide the support and coaching needed by a student to achieve his or her goals. Different from traditional in-person tutoring, online tutoring occurs when the tutor and student are separated physically. The tutoring then takes place by some sort of communications technology which could be any thing. The ProTutor approach uses a combination of internet based communications, with virtual conferencing as its traditional primary tool of communication, and supplementing it with email, and even text messaging. We adhere to the central principle to consider very seriously incorporating any communication tool into the virtual tutoring experience that may help to enhance student learning — and use it, whenever it’s practical to do so. When it’s not practical to do so — rest assured, we’re probably already looking into a way to make it so!

What technology do I need for online tutoring?

Most of the technological demands will consist of having a computer and steady broadband internet connection. We also recommend a digital pen to use during one-on-one sessions, and access to a scanner (or camera phone) to share hard copies of assignments that you will want to work on with your tutor.

If I am stumped by a problem, can I get help on demand?

When you are stumped on a problem, and would like to get a response, send it by email. When you do, you include the problem, with some notes on where you are with the problem and what’s causing the trouble. Include a photo of your work is very helpful to us and can be embedded right into the email. From there, we’ll take a look and contact you back with some help on the problem.